Trantor Holocron

Secrets from the Second Foundation.

NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
blogMy blog at Shimmy Xu2020-11-23 00:03
dotfilesYes, my $HOME has a git repo now :( Shimmy Xu2020-09-12 23:43
emacs.dMy emacs configuration, done in a literate programming fashion using org-mode Shimmy Xu2020-09-08 23:57
hugo-ataruHugo theme with titleless posts and microformats2 support Shimmy Xu2020-07-12 22:31
hugo-djem-soHugo theme for my blog Shimmy Xu2020-03-29 06:17
hugo-hyperskipEmail-powered static comments for Hugo Shimmy Xu2020-05-19 00:08
hugo-soresuMy fork of hugo-xmin Shimmy Xu2019-11-27 14:15
logoRust program to generate site logo Shimmy Xu2019-12-02 04:56
notes-TQRNotes for /Trades, Quotes, and Prices/ Shimmy Xu2020-05-07 22:30
password-storeWissen ist Nacht Shimmy Xu2020-11-12 01:46
server-configMy server configurations Shimmy Xu2020-04-12 19:20
stagitMy fork of stagit Shimmy Xu2020-07-26 14:49
twixterA twtxt command line client in Rust Shimmy Xu2019-10-05 01:30
vaultKing Bluetooth's treasure Shimmy Xu2020-09-13 20:58