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2020-04-05 17:14Change code, pre, and table formattingShimmy Xu1+3-5
2020-03-29 06:17Rearrange header and navShimmy Xu2+6-6
2020-03-28 23:40Make monospace fonts largerShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-08 14:14Wrap in <p> tag to work better in terminal browsersShimmy Xu1+2-2
2020-01-07 01:04Proportional fonts normally take up less space, decrease max-widthShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-07 00:16Remove spaceShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-06 19:21Use the more commonly seen leftarrowShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-06 18:06Add return symbol for link back to home pageShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-06 00:59Remove dates from navShimmy Xu2+4-7
2020-01-06 00:54Remove time tagsShimmy Xu2+2-2
2020-01-06 00:19Place date on second lineShimmy Xu1+4-4
2020-01-05 23:32Update READMEShimmy Xu1+9-9
2020-01-05 23:29Separate style and color CSSShimmy Xu3+16-17
2020-01-05 23:27Let nav change content based on page and add page date displayShimmy Xu1+12-11
2020-01-05 23:26Move common contents to baseof.htmlShimmy Xu3+12-12
2020-01-05 23:26Add time tagShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-05 17:08Load color.css later to allow overrides of the color choicesShimmy Xu1+1-1
2020-01-05 16:58Remove header tagShimmy Xu2+6-4
2020-01-05 06:23Ensure there's whitespace between links for terminal browsersShimmy Xu1+2-2
2019-12-02 21:29Give code blocks a bit more slackShimmy Xu1+1-1
2019-12-01 21:53Remove a new line that cannot be auto removed by html minimizersShimmy Xu2+3-4
2019-11-30 18:50Update line countsShimmy Xu1+2-2
2019-11-30 18:49Don't underline navigation linksShimmy Xu1+3-0
2019-11-30 14:25Adjust how menu space are insertedShimmy Xu2+6-7
2019-11-30 14:18Add site title only when page title is different from site titleShimmy Xu2+3-7
2019-11-30 05:15Always display link to homepageShimmy Xu6+12-18
2019-11-30 03:56Add READMEShimmy Xu3+36-2
2019-11-30 03:34Initial commitShimmy Xu14+143-0