Hugo theme for my blog

git clone git:// (2061B)

    1 * Djem So
    2 Djem So is a aggressively stripped down version of my [[][Soresu]] theme, which in turn was forked from Yihui Xie's [[][XMin]] theme with added support for multilingual blogs. Compared with Soresu, the following changes were made to create Djem So:
    4 - remove CSS classes;
    5 - remove extra support for i18n taxonomies;
    6 - remove extra style tweaks on syntax highlighting;
    7 - reduce number of colors used.
    9 What is retained though is support for multilingual page contents. The result is an bare-bone theme that still allows easy customization. In fact, Djem So has even less lines than the XMin theme that started it all.
   12   find . -path '*/layouts/*' \( -name '*.html' -o -name '*.css' \) | xargs wc -l
   13     10 ./layouts/partials/css/color.css
   14      7 ./layouts/partials/css/custom.css
   15     22 ./layouts/partials/css/style.css
   16      1 ./layouts/partials/footer.html
   17      0 ./layouts/partials/head_custom.html
   18     13 ./layouts/partials/nav.html
   19      7 ./layouts/partials/head.html
   20      1 ./layouts/_default/single.html
   21     13 ./layouts/_default/list.html
   22     17 ./layouts/_default/baseof.html
   23     91 total
   26 ** Customization
   27 Djem So utilizes a 4-color-palette, and by default uses the [[][safest web colors]], which creates some of the least palatable color combinations (I went to great lengths to ensure the default is at least presentable), to encourage customization. I also left =font-family= unspecified, since preferences seem rather divided.
   29 All customization can be done via overriding default files:
   31 - to assign colors from the palette to tags, override =/layouts/partials/css/color.css=;
   32 - to add custom CSS rules like font settings or use a different color palette, override =/layouts/partials/css/custom.css= (an empty =custom.css= will prevent any component color from being specified);
   33 - to load additional scripts, or add meta data, override =/layouts/partials/head_custom.html=.