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+The M1 Macs' benchmarks looked way beyond my wildest expectations. While the dream scenario would be a reasonably competative RISC-V CPU taking over the world, I'm still glad x86 gets some competitation from a less restricted architecture.
+The power efficiency is just so tempting on the new Macs. That said, they seem like a nightmare for user repair and probably won't run Linux smoothly anytime soon. I did however start wondering whether the old everything-as-pluggable-module-upgradibility is still something we should shoot for, especially in a laptop. If we can get the cost of system-on-a-chips to down a reasonable degree, I'd be all-in for throw-away CPUs.
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+Never thought the day would come where I hesitate about which combination of 4K and ultrawide monitor*s* to go for.+
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