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@@ -99,12 +99,6 @@ Most title/subjects should have a lower-cased prefix with a colon and one whites
 Also, if your commit references one or more GitHub issues, always end your commit message body with *See #1234* or *Fixes #1234*.
 Replace *1234* with the GitHub issue ID. The last example will close the issue when the commit is merged into *master*.
-Sometimes it makes sense to prefix the commit message with the package name (or docs folder) all lowercased ending with a colon.
-That is fine, but the rest of the rules above apply.
-So it is "tpl: Add emojify template func", not "tpl: add emojify template func.", and "docs: Document emoji", not "doc: document emoji."
-Please use a short and descriptive branch name, e.g. **NOT** "patch-1". It's very common but creates a naming conflict each time when a submission is pulled for a review.
 An example: