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2022-07-27 02:23Add rev parameter to make last page the defaultShimmy Xu3+68-46
2022-06-16 07:51releaser: Prepare repository for 0.102.0-DEVhugoreleaser3+3-64
2022-06-16 07:09releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.101.0hugoreleaser2+2-2
2022-06-16 07:09releaser: Add release notes for 0.101.0 [ci skip]hugoreleaser1+61-0
2022-06-16 06:27build: Update to Go 1.18.3Bjørn Erik Pedersen1+1-1
2022-06-16 05:23docs: Regen docshelperBjørn Erik Pedersen1+193-397
2022-06-16 05:22Merge commit '475f87f685439de0f907a9ffc29bfd1361eb1c59'Bjørn Erik Pedersen18+109-82
2022-06-15 11:51markup/highlight: Add hl_inline optionBjørn Erik Pedersen4+163-14
2022-06-15 11:46deps: Update v2.1.0 => v2.2.0Bjørn Erik Pedersen2+3-1
2022-06-15 10:12build(deps): bump from 2.5.5 to 2.5.6dependabot[bot]2+3-3
2022-06-15 10:14build(deps): bump from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2dependabot[bot]2+5-5
2022-06-15 08:39build(deps): bump from 0.1.10 to 0.1.11dependabot[bot]2+3-3
2022-06-15 08:05build(deps): bump from 2.11.5 to 2.11.10dependabot[bot]2+6-7
2022-06-15 08:38build(deps): bump from 0.14.42 to 0.14.43dependabot[bot]2+3-3
2022-06-13 08:03build(deps): bump from 0.94.0 to 0.97.0dependabot[bot]2+10-4
2022-05-26 10:17deps: Udpate toørn Erik Pedersen10+29-45
2022-05-30 13:12common: Add hugo.GoVersionKhayyam Saleem3+10-5
2022-06-13 14:33resources: Panic on Copy of Resource with .ErrBjørn Erik Pedersen1+3-0
2022-06-13 12:22resources/page: Add :slugorfilename attributeDawid Potocki3+39-14
2022-06-13 13:28Respect NO_COLORBjørn Erik Pedersen4+13-8
2022-06-13 11:16readme: Update dependency listAndreas Deininger2+75-53
2022-06-13 07:52Fix relURL with leading slash when baseURL includes a subdirectoryBjørn Erik Pedersen4+48-23
2022-06-12 16:42js: Resolve index.esm.jsBjørn Erik Pedersen2+15-1
2022-06-11 16:52Add animated GIF supportBjørn Erik Pedersen6+105-27
2022-06-12 13:14resources: Add a Gif source file to golden testsBjørn Erik Pedersen4+10-0
2022-06-08 11:07releaser: Prepare repository for 0.101.0-DEVhugoreleaser3+4-19
2022-06-08 10:25releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.100.2hugoreleaser2+4-4
2022-06-08 10:25releaser: Add release notes for 0.100.2 [ci skip]hugoreleaser1+15-0
2022-06-07 15:22Update CONTRIBUTING.mdBjørn Erik Pedersen1+0-6
2022-06-06 07:48Fix raw TOML dates in where/eqBjørn Erik Pedersen18+216-87
2022-06-04 09:00deps: Update to v2.0.1Anthony Fok3+5-5
2022-06-04 20:40tpl/path: Add path.BaseName functionJoe Mooring9+77-6
2022-06-05 06:26livereload: Use `X-Forwarded-Host` for Codespacesatotake1+7-1
2022-06-04 15:39helpers: Fix panic with invalid defaultMarkdownHandlerBjørn Erik Pedersen3+51-4
2022-06-03 19:37resources: Register MediaTypes before buildPaul van Brouwershaven2+6-4
2022-06-01 10:54releaser: Prepare repository for 0.101.0-DEVhugoreleaser3+4-13
2022-06-01 10:11releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.100.1hugoreleaser2+4-4
2022-06-01 10:11releaser: Add release notes for 0.100.1 [ci skip]hugoreleaser1+9-0
2022-06-01 08:19Fix panic with markdownify/RenderString with shortcode on Page with no content fileBjørn Erik Pedersen6+35-6
2022-05-31 09:19releaser: Prepare repository for 0.101.0-DEVhugoreleaser3+3-60
2022-05-31 08:37releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.100.0hugoreleaser2+2-2
2022-05-31 08:37releaser: Add release notes for 0.100.0 [ci skip]hugoreleaser1+57-0
2022-05-31 08:24docs: Regen CLI docsBjørn Erik Pedersen4+4-0
2022-05-31 08:23docs: Regen docs helperBjørn Erik Pedersen1+134-110
2022-05-31 08:22Merge commit 'e4bfe59c4e043c92d3992587d8c64d264b262a22'Bjørn Erik Pedersen4+52-45
2022-05-30 18:42Fix indentation in highlight shortcodeBjørn Erik Pedersen5+79-4
2022-05-29 14:41Make .RenderString render shortcodesBjørn Erik Pedersen10+315-111
2022-05-28 11:18Improve shortcode indentation handlingBjørn Erik Pedersen9+208-4
2022-05-27 13:19Add Markdown as an output formatBjørn Erik Pedersen5+47-3
2022-05-30 08:05build(deps): bump from 0.14.39 to 0.14.42dependabot[bot]2+3-3
2022-05-29 21:05Run go mod tidyBjørn Erik Pedersen2+0-3
2022-05-29 13:14Add a shortcode benchmarkBjørn Erik Pedersen1+52-0
2022-05-28 09:01Remove Blackfriday markdown engineBjørn Erik Pedersen22+71-1675
2022-05-25 16:46Fix HasMenuCurrent and IsDescendant/IsAncestor when comparing to itselfBjørn Erik Pedersen3+74-12
2022-05-27 17:14build(deps): bump from 1.5.4 to 1.5.5dependabot[bot]2+3-9
2022-05-27 16:23deps: Update to v2.11.5Bjørn Erik Pedersen3+7-3
2022-05-27 11:23Don't use the baseURL /path as part of the resource cache keyBjørn Erik Pedersen3+86-24
2022-05-27 15:01postcss: Make the resource cache key more stableBjørn Erik Pedersen3+25-23
2022-05-27 11:34commands: Fix case where languages cannot be configuredBjørn Erik Pedersen1+4-3
2022-05-27 08:06github: Set HUGO_BUILD_TAGS: extended when running testsBjørn Erik Pedersen4+5-11
2022-05-26 02:14metrics: Fix divide by zero errorCameron Moore2+5-0
2022-05-25 19:21Fix error message when PostCSS config file is not foundBjørn Erik Pedersen1+1-1
2022-05-25 16:31server: Skip watching dirs in ignoreFilesBjørn Erik Pedersen1+5-0
2022-05-25 16:06resources: Improve error message on .Resize etc. on SVGsBjørn Erik Pedersen2+32-1
2022-05-25 08:56Fix Plainify edge casesBjørn Erik Pedersen10+103-85
2022-05-24 07:34Add resources.CopyBjørn Erik Pedersen8+169-13
2022-05-22 17:14basefs: add `noBuildLock` flagsatotake3+24-9
2022-05-21 18:41import: Fix importing jekyll sitesatotake1+1-7
2022-05-18 12:01releaser: Prepare repository for 0.100.0-DEVhugoreleaser3+4-15
2022-05-18 11:18releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.99.1hugoreleaser2+4-4
2022-05-18 11:18releaser: Add release notes for 0.99.1 [ci skip]hugoreleaser1+11-0
2022-05-18 11:12releaser: Fix version replacementBjørn Erik Pedersen1+1-1
2022-05-18 07:47server: Fix multihost crashBjørn Erik Pedersen2+56-21
2022-05-17 11:57Update stale.ymlBjørn Erik Pedersen1+3-3
2022-05-16 08:50common/hugo: Fix version logichugoreleaser7+115-132
2022-05-16 08:10releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.99.0hugoreleaser2+2-2
2022-05-16 08:10releaser: Add release notes for 0.99.0 [ci skip]hugoreleaser1+44-0
2022-05-16 07:22server: Refresh the error templateBjørn Erik Pedersen1+24-5
2022-05-15 19:01server: Fix SIGINT handling after loading bad configurationBjørn Erik Pedersen4+60-14
2022-05-15 09:40Improve SASS errorsBjørn Erik Pedersen24+306-69
2022-05-14 13:51postcss: Fix import error handlingBjørn Erik Pedersen20+157-41
2022-05-14 11:46build(deps): bump from 1.5.3 to 1.5.4dependabot[bot]2+3-2
2022-05-14 11:56common/herrors: Remove unused structBjørn Erik Pedersen1+0-4
2022-05-12 08:02build(deps): bump from 0.14.38 to 0.14.39dependabot[bot]2+14-127
2022-05-12 09:43errors: Misc improvementsBjørn Erik Pedersen27+600-204
2022-05-12 09:18server: Always rebuild the files involved in an errorBjørn Erik Pedersen1+7-0
2022-05-12 08:09postcss: Fix line numbers in error messagesBjørn Erik Pedersen2+61-49
2022-05-13 09:42Update CONTRIBUTING.mdBjørn Erik Pedersen1+10-1
2022-05-13 09:08js: Bump test dependencyBjørn Erik Pedersen1+2-2
2022-05-11 14:22deps: Update v1.4.1 => v1.5.0Bjørn Erik Pedersen2+3-1
2022-05-09 13:53hugolib: Check for nil in shouldRenderBjørn Erik Pedersen1+4-0
2022-05-09 08:05Revise the use of htime.Since/htime.NowBjørn Erik Pedersen9+22-20
2022-05-08 16:37tpl/collections: Make sort stableBjørn Erik Pedersen2+32-2
2022-05-08 14:57docs: Regen CLI docsBjørn Erik Pedersen40+40-0
2022-05-08 14:56Merge commit '327aaed6d8ca57d8e5e3acb99ff53402ff1c556d'Bjørn Erik Pedersen3+7-22
2022-05-07 12:10Use configured timeZone for the clockBjørn Erik Pedersen9+54-34
2022-04-26 17:57Add `clock` cli flagsatotake26+193-37
2022-05-02 14:07Improve error messages, esp. when the server is runningBjørn Erik Pedersen109+858-777
2022-04-30 16:12tpl: Improve godocBjørn Erik Pedersen8+142-141
2022-05-03 07:23github: Add permissions to test actionnathannaveen1+2-0
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